She’s Here to Stay, an early poem of Kay Timan


Excerpt from the Journals of Captain Kay Timan, Vol. II, from the years before his Captaincy. At the time he served as a deckhand aboard the cargo ship Bluewood. It is unknown if this was intended as a poem or a song.

5th of Twonombra, 2055AP

Into dock we make our land,
Throw the anchors in the sand.
Birds of night make way for day
All will shout “she’s here to stay!”

Maradane upon the hill,
Sails are tied and wind is still.
Sol’Enase overhead,
Wake the souls still in their bed.

Up she comes, out of the hull,
Assailed by the sound of gulls.
Could Illoman, land so green,
Create beauty so unseen?

Her hair as bright as a fire,
A smile sailors can admire.
Her eyes light up at the sight.
A city to her delight!

A 3-day trip from her home,
Gave her blankets of my own.
Not once did I see her sway,
‘Cause o Saivé’s here to stay!

Maradane you treat her right,
Watch over her in her plight,
To become Akar. Oh why,
Did Saivé not say goodbye?