Chronological Order


Tales from Atelinor is an anthology of short stories written within the fictional fantasy world of Atelinor. Though some stories take place in similar time frames, most will bounce around to different characters in the world’s expansive history. Although each story should be capable of holding its own as a standalone scene or piece, perhaps you’d like to read them in chronological order. Instead of scrolling through each one to attempt reading them in order, this page will be your guide as more stories are added. More detailed pages will be added in the future to help narrow down histories of locations, characters, or even families. 

After Prime: The First Age
Year 7AP
Enasembra 1The Akarian Calendar

Year 87
Fourteembra 28And So the Great Rot Spread

Year 739AP
Tredecimbra 30The Travels of Con Marquarata, Vol. III, Entry 29

Year 740AP
Octobra 13The Dry Season | A Blueprint and a Storm

Year 750AP
Octobra 13Aelin’s Arch | Baleria Brite
Octobra 14Widows Speak at the Gates of Mourning

Year 922AP
Entekra 24Bayo, Sixth of the Pack

Year 1113AP
Exibra 6Atop Riverdrop

Year 1212AP
Triabra 19Furmount | Rage of the Rattlehulk

Year 1219AP
Enasembra 4Assent of the Whale

Atelinorian Empire: The Second Age
Year 1AE
Quinbra 2 – Currency for a New Age

Year 27AE
Triabra 14Memories and Maladies

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