A Brief Paradox History


A long time ago, before the foundations of the world were yet lain, the Great Colossi were woken from the deep. They caused a purge unlike anything humanity had yet seen. All memory of prior history was lost. Atelinor was thus born.

In so doing, the Colossi created a rupture in the structure of reality. In response to the Purge, which many today believe to be but a myth, anomalies began to appear all over the world of Atelinor. Paradoxes of varying size, intensity, and color, that warped the world around them.

Humans began to study paradoxes, learning the secrets each type unlocked, and opening pathways through their minds to previously impossible abilities. For there were 7 known anomaly types: Cantoleers were blue, Fumarins were red, Sarleers were green, Crintoleers were brown, Yeeleers were yellow, Læxileers were white, and Mæleers were black. Each appeared randomly in nature. Some types were rarer than others. And still some individuals claimed there was an eighth paradox type, but this has never been proven.

Great schools were created with the intent of unlocking all paradoxical secrets, but there was none greater than the Akarian Scholaria. To open ones mind to a paradox type became known as siphoning. But, though much studied, it was never discovered how to unlock the knowledge gifted from the seventh paradox type, the black paradox known as a Mæleer.

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