Map of Atelinor


This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had the will or time until recently. Well, okay. Today. I spent all day on my iPad conjuring this first draft of my map to Atelinor. And I’m damn pleased with it. This is how my world makes sense geographically to me. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll be sure to update it as soon as I can muster.

The big push to make this map was to help me keep track of things moving forward. These are the only locations I know of, or have written, or planned to write about, as of yet. But you can naturally assume the population of Atelinor is diverse, large, and spread out. There are indeed other continents on Atelinor, but as for now, this is all I and you need care about.

10 thoughts on “Map of Atelinor

  1. Fredrik Kayser

    That is a really nice map! :] what kind of software did you use making it? Rivers make sense, big yay for originating in mountainous areas. ^^
    Been thinking of making one for the same reason you did. The visual aid is so helpful.

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  2. Telling a story is like mapping a new place – there are the important parts, like the shore and the bays, but there are the exciting, unknown parts like the jungles and the mountains. I am myself working on a novel (I haven’t mentioned it much because I don’t want to make false promises to people) and I’ve found a good way of writing it is to think of myself as an explorer in this world – if I keep on travelling, what do I find? And then I travel in the direction that looks the most interesting, until I can map my way back to where I started and it makes sense. So I’d encourage you to write that novel, if it really stands out to you. Listen to some music you love and brainstorm what excites you about the story and the characters. And then write without thinking about it, because first drafts are only written to be edited. Nobody has to see that first draft. But the most important thing is to have fun, because the best way to write something that entertains is for the reader to tell you had fun writing it yourself.

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